Leduc-Piedimonte Ice Cider



This superb ice cider has a golden amber-colored hue and pleasant aromas of orange zest, butter, honey and spicy vanilla follow by some mineral notes. It is smooth and vivacious. Delicious flavours of citrus preserves and spices are present on the palate with a long refreshing finish. The Domaine Leduc-Piedimonte ice cider achieves a perfect balance between sugar, alcohol and acidity.

Food pairing

Strong Cheeses: Aged cheddar, goat cheese, Roquefort. Appetizers: Foie gras, pâté, terrine. Spicy Asian food: Chicken curry or Thai cuisine. Desserts: cheese cake, panna cotta, crème brulée, pear with blue cheese tarte. After the meal by itself or with bitter dark chocolate pastilles.

Technical Information 2010 vintage

  • Alcohol/Volume :                      13%
  • Volume :                                 375ml
  • Residual Sugar :                     140 g/L
  • Total Acidity :                         6,5 g/L
  • Serving Temperature :           10°~12°
  • Aging Potential :                      2030